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Strategic pillars

Our house is built on three strategic pillars. 

Leading pension administrator

We offer our participants the highest number of income years and the quality of our products and services. We are a leading asset manager with a solid position in the international asset management market. We invest within our clients' risk profile and, factoring in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, offer the highest possible net return. We are the leading pension administrator. This is the basis of everything APG does: the robust administration of our clients' pension scheme. We are participant-focused and ensure performance with above-average quality at a market-based price.

Strong pension funds

It is important for our funds to strengthen the bond with their participants. For now, and certainly also for the future, when participants may be given more freedom of choice. We want members to continue to choose their pension fund as a matter of course. On behalf of the funds, we provide (even) more participant-oriented services. We offer our members additional services and products, such as Clear Overview & Insight, the Personal Pension Pot, and the Pension Coach.

Trusted guide

Together with our funds, we help participants make conscious choices about their income for today, tomorrow, and beyond. This gives them a better grip on their own financial future. In the coming years we will experiment with suitable solutions and develop services in the field of coaching and guidance. 

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