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Materiality analysis

As part of the stakeholder analysis APG’s 2020 annual report included a materiality matrix. This matrix helps us to ensure that APG’s strategy, policies and accountability are in line with the expectations, requirements and needs of our stakeholders. In 2020, a survey was conducted among our internal and external stakeholders. This survey was based on an extensive analysis of 20 material topics. The survey revealed the seven topics that our internal and external stakeholders consider the most important. 

We updated the materiality analysis in 2021, based on developments and discussions that had occurred in the course of the year and the topics addressed during the dialogue with the stakeholders. We carried out a media assessment to identify the topics in respect of which APG had made the news. We also conducted a number of interviews with internal stakeholders.

The two material topics, “Contributing to a future-proof pension system” and “Transition to the new pension contract,” were combined into one topic: “The new pension system.” This makes it easier for us to position the developments regarding the new pension system and prevents overlap. This combination also made it possible to add “Digital security and privacy” to the topics. 

  • Controlled pension administration
  • Responsible investing
  • Highest net result
  • The new pension system
  • Pension trust
  • Offering grip on income for today, tomorrow, and beyond
  • Digital security and privacy

These material topics are related to our five strategic building blocks, which are discussed in the chapter “Our ambitions and strategy” of this annual report. 

The results of the qualitative update were discussed in and validated by the Integrated Reporting project team. The selection of the top seven materials topics was validated by the Executive Board and received a positive recommendation from the Audit and Risk Committee.

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