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Preparing for the new pensions system

It may seem a long way off, but APG is already working hard on this major operation. All divisions of the business will have to deal with this entirely different scheme.

The biggest change will take place in pensions administration. Our asset management division will also be more closely intertwined with pensions administration and services. The exact amount of the pension will no longer be derived from the salary earned previously in the new system but will be taken from the premium paid and the return on the investments instead. The new pensions system is the most revolutionary change in our history. This 'revolution' will require a lot of capacity, a large budget, plenty of resources and lots of time. We have made the clear choice that this immense operation will take precedence. We cannot afford to lose any time adjusting the organization, internal processes, and ICT systems. That is why we are on top of things. Incidentally, the new pensions administration system must be ready well before 2027: we are expecting the first funds to switch to the new pension system in 2025. 

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