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What do our stakeholders consider important?

We keep an eye on the expectations of our main stakeholders. That is why we place great value on the conversation we constantly have with them. The better we know what is important to them, the better we can do our work.

First and foremost, we work for our clients, the pension funds, and for the employers and participants affiliated with the pension funds. Other important stakeholders are our own employees, shareholders, parties in which we invest, strategic partners, and regulators. We are always exploring which other organizations or institutions could be a consultation partner. In the dialogue with our stakeholders, we share our knowledge. We also talk to them about our strategy, objectives, substantive issues, and our prospects. This is an ongoing process, and the discussions take place at all levels of the organization. The Executive Board is also involved in this process. In Chapter 8, Appendices, we give an overview of the stakeholders with whom we stay connected and in what way.

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