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Asset management

APG manages the assets of four pension funds. We invest the pension contributions of the participants of ABP, bpfBOUW, SPW and PPF APG. Our objective is to maximize the pension value while investing in a sustainable and responsible manner. We aim for the highest possible return. In doing so, we take acceptable risks within the limits of our pension funds' policies. And we always think of costs. We have about 1,000 in-house investment specialists, spread across our Dutch and international offices. Moreover, we invest for the long term, with the obligations of our pension funds in mind. Over 25 years ago, we started measuring returns. Since then, the investment returns on the pension assets we manage have averaged about 7% per year. Put simply, more than 75% of the amount paid out as a pension comes from the return on investments.

APG not only wants to ensure that our pension funds can provide their participants with a good pension: we also want to contribute to a livable world, for current and future generations. In our experience, these two principles go hand in hand. Responsible investment certainly does not have to come at the expense of the return on our investments. We have committed ourselves to the development goals of the UN. When we invest, in every asset class, we weigh ESG criteria — i.e., criteria based on environment, social and governance  integrally. APG is one of the world's most sustainable asset managers, as is evident from the rankings of the Principles for Responsible Investments. We are constantly developing new instruments and partnerships in order to remain a leader in this field.

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