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Report on non-financial information

Non-financial information

We defined 15 performance indicators which are applicable to our operations. These indicators reflect the added value created by adopting the framework published by the Integrated Reporting Council.

Non-financial KPIs 2021 2020
In scope    
Reputation score 71.6 72.6
Net result € 78 million € 42 million
Excess return (5 years) in basis points 54 45
Return on equity 19.5% 10.7%
Carbon footprint of operations (in metric tons) 7,218 8,173
Benchmark UN Principles for Responsible Investment A+ A+
Gender diversity % 64 / 36 65 / 35
Number of employees 3,193 3,085
Sickness absence 3.5% 3.6%
Employee engagement 7.6 7.8
Out of scope    
Average price per participant 70.30 66.30
Participants with insight into their income for later 1,995,000 1,965,000
Participants with insight into pension assets 1,040,000 1,015,000
Net promoter score +3 -1
Assets managed in Sustainable Development Investments € 112 billion € 91 billion

In 2021, our external auditor reviewed 10 performance indicators. In 2020, the auditor had reviewed only the items “Net result” and “Return on equity” in the audit’s report on the financial statements.

Assurance report of the independent auditor

KPMG has issued a separate assurance report on the non-financial information with this annual report. This report provides a limited degree of assurance with respect to the 10 performance indicators applicable to this information in 2021. The external auditor reviewed these 10 elements on the basis of the dossiers of these indicators specified by Group Finance. The report is included below. 

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