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Who we are and what we do

For us, retirement is about people. We want to make a difference so that we, our parents, and our children have a good income for today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

Every day — from offices in Heerlen, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and New York, or satellite locations in Brussels, Shanghai, and Beijing — around 3,200 APG staff members dedicate themselves to the people at hand: 4.8 million people who accrue or receive their pension through one of the eight pension funds for which we work. People who work or have worked for the government or in education (ABP), in construction (bpfBOUW), at a housing corporation (SPW), in the cleaning sector (BPF Schoonmaak), in sheltered employment (PWRI), as medical specialists (SPMS), as architects (the Pensioenfonds voor de Architectenbureaus) and at APG itself (PPF APG).

We administer all aspects of the pension scheme for these funds. This starts with a proper pension administration and customer-oriented service. On behalf of the funds, for example, we collect the pension contributions and pay out the pensions. On behalf of the pension funds, we provide information and explanations to people who are accruing or have accrued a pension or who are already retired. For example, via our Customer Contact Center, and also online. 


For ABP, bpfBOUW, SPW and PPF APG, we manage the assets that have been built up with the pension contributions paid by employers and participants. These assets have grown thanks to the returns we generate from the investments we make on behalf of the funds. At the end of 2021, the total was €636 billion. That is an amount that carries with it a great responsibility. After all, how we handle these assets determines the pensions of millions of people, now and in the future. 

When we invest for the funds, we do not just focus on the return in euros. We want to work towards a society in which we sustainably share prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands and abroad.


To continue making a difference we need and want to do more. With 100 years of experience — first under the umbrella of ABP and since 2008 as an independent organization — APG understands what pension issues are really about. We use that knowledge and expertise to promote progress in terms of assets, people, and society. We do this by contributing to public debate. We want to help increase the understanding of pensions and ensure that the Netherlands gets more of a grip on pensions and becomes more financially fit.

As the largest pension administration organization (pension administrator) in the Netherlands, APG plays a major role in the transition to a new pension system that is expected to be fully operational in 2027. During this complicated process, we stand side by side with the funds and social partners; we are designing the future pension system as efficiently and clearly as possible.

APG works to achieve the highest possible pension value, considering that value in a broad sense, not only in financial terms. We also attach importance to issues like solidarity between generations, sustainability, and an inclusive society. After all, what use is a good pension if the world around you has become unlivable or if you cannot be a part of society?

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