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The past year was an extraordinary year because of two isolated events: the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the pension agreement in the Netherlands, both of which have a major impact on society and APG.


Annual Report

How we make the difference

We want to contribute to the Netherlands of the future: a society in which we share prosperity and well-being sustainably. First of all, APG is committed to maximizing pension value. We efficiently do our work with the highest possible returns, we strengthen the ties between the pension funds and the participants, and are the best possible guide in the pension world. We zetten ons in om de pensioenwaarde te maximaliseren. We also ensure progress with our knowledge and expertise. We actively participate in the public debate about the Netherlands of the future. On behalf of our funds, but with our own face and voice.

The Netherlands of the futuree

The best possible pension - in a livable world

For us pensions are about people, life, and living together. Day in and day out, we make a real difference in terms of income for today, tomorrow, and beyond. We do this for the 4.7 million people who accrue or receive their pension through one of the eight pension funds we work for. We do this through a robust pension administration and a customer-oriented service. But also by sustainable and data-driven asset management. Sustainability is central to all investment choices. In 2020, APG reasserted its position on the map as a responsible and leading pension administrator.

Our results in 2020

‘A great place to work’

APG is going through a period of major changes. We are on the verge of a new pension contract concept that will affect the work of many APG employees. Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis has forced us to work from home almost all of 2020. Employee health and safety was one of the priorities. In addition, APG feels it’s important all employees are appreciated for who they are and what they can do. In 2020, we formulated our diversity and inclusion vision and quantifiable ambitions in more specific terms.

How we work together


The original 2020 APG Groep N.V. annual report and the financial statements were drafted in Dutch. This document is an English translation of the original Dutch document. In case of any discrepancies between the English and the Dutch text, the latter will prevail.