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A good income, now and in the medium and long term


Gerard van Olphen

These are unreal times

In 2020 society finds itself confronted by the coronavirus, with an unreal situation full of uncertainty. Particularly in such uncertain times it is crucially important for there to be some certainties that people can count on: electricity, water, light and medical assistance. But also the financial infrastructure, payment traffic, and with it, pensions. By offering the same service as always, we contribute to the confidence that is necessary in society at times like these.


Value creation

How we create value

Together with the pension funds we build good pensions, for now and in the future. The collective pension system as we now know it is unique. It makes a contribution to the Dutch economy and helps to prevent poverty among the elderly. Our specialists share their knowledge and experience, and the whole of society benefits from this. Within our tasks and responsibilities, we do our best to maintain a good pension system. Our investments also have a considerable influence on society, both in the Netherlands and far beyond.



Achieved for our clients

APG works to provide the best possible service to the pension funds, their employers and participants. Our services and client experience need to be relevant to today’s world. Satisfaction is growing. In 2019, we continued to work on reducing the ‘price per participant’: the less we spend on the organization, the more money left per participant that can actually be put into the pension. With our investments we aim for the highest return possible. That is how we strive for maximum pension value.



How we work together

We want to be a ‘great place to work’ for our employees. That means being a modern employer that brings out the best in its employees. That stimulates them to develop themselves and helps everyone's talents to find expression. We work at creating an inclusive culture. We stimulate mental and physical health.